Derry death threats lifted says union

A protest over threats against Derry City Council staff. DER4614MC072
A protest over threats against Derry City Council staff. DER4614MC072

‘IRA’ death threats to Community Safety Partnership workers in Derry have been lifted, according to the trade union NIPSA.

The development follows a statement by the Irish Congresss of Trade Unions which called on the public to support the 11 staff who had been threatened and warned that members may withdraw essential public services.

A planned protest will now not take place.

Despite condemnation by political, religious and trade union leaders, the IRA said it would ‘execute’ any workers who ‘passively or actively’ work with ‘Crown forces’.

The statement by ICTU said: “The ICTU condemns the reprehensible threats to workers in Derry by the IRA.

“The citizens of Derry should be aware that our colleagues working for Derry City Council are doing a very difficult job under trying enough circumstances without having to deal with any threats. “Congress supports the concept of community safety wardens and their role in ensuring that Derry city is free from low-level anti-social behaviour.

“The role of all workers is to adhere to their job description and their contracts of employment. The entire trade union movement demand the immediate lifting of these pernicious threats and calls on the people of Derry to support this demand.

“Failure to lift these threats may well result in a cohesive trade union response of withdrawal from essential public services, in support of our colleagues.

“Such consequences can be avoided by the removal of the threats.”

A later statement by NIPSA says it can conifrm the lifting of a threat against Community Safety Wardens employed by Derry City Council.

NIPSA Official, Alan Law stated: “NIPSA welcomes the removal of the threat against the Community Safety Wardens and looks forward to an urgent meeting with Derry City Council to ensure that the staff return to work without further delay.

“We reiterate that public sector workers have the right to work free from threats and intimidation. As a result of these recent developments the planned protest on Monday 17 November at 1pm in Guildhall Square will not take place.”