Derry employee describes experience as ‘devastating’

Ten Phones 4U jobs are at risk in Derry.
Ten Phones 4U jobs are at risk in Derry.
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One of the 10 Derry based Phones 4U employees whose job is at risk said he was distraught when he heard the news the company had gone into administration.

The man, who spoke to the ‘Journal’ on the condition we protect his identity, said the last few days have been unbearable.

“I want to say I’m devastated at the Phones 4U news, not just because of the uncertainty that being made redundant brings but because they [Phones 4U] were a fantastic company to work for,” he said.

Phones 4U have stores in Crescent Link Retail Park and Foyleside Shopping Centre.

Last Sunday evening it was revealed that Phones 4U had gone into administration after mobile phone networks EE and Vodafone pulled their products from the Phones 4U shelves.

The man recalled the moment he found out Phones 4U had entered into administration.

“Then last Sunday evening I was browsing Twitter when a headline caught my attention ‘breaking news: Phones 4U enters forced administration’.

“I was shocked, sickened and still feel scared after reading the article. I had found out EE had decided to leave, leaving us with no mobile networks to sell. Surely, I thought that the company that I love wouldn’t announce this to the press before informing their staff?

“Although they had and it was true and I was finding out via social media I probably no longer had a job. To this moment I am still finding out more through Twitter and news websites than I have from my employer - we have been completely left in the dark and no one knows for sure if and when we will find anything out. To find out this way with speculation, rumours and no official word is as heart breaking as it is terrifying.

“The only thing I know for certain is that there are 100 people like me in Northern Ireland at the moment worrying about their future and another 5496 on the mainland, who can’t see their next payslip coming anytime soon.”