Derry feminist Cara Park tells Jim Allister to ‘wise up’

Cara Park
Cara Park

A Derry woman who was branded ‘indecent’ by TUV leader Jim Allister, last night sent her own message back to him - ‘Wise Up Jim’.

Cara Park hit the headlines after appearing barefoot and almost topless while making a speech for International Women’s Day on the marble steps at Stormont.

During the event she wore shorts, no shoes and a feather breastplate which covered her boobs from the front, but they were visible in side profile.

Her attire has been criticised by Unionist politicians.

TUV leader Jim Allister called for the Assembly Commission “to hold to account those who sponsored an event which permitted such unseemly behaviour”.

“I do not think Stormont should be the stage for such indecent exhibitionism,” he said.

And the DUP’s Jonathan Craig called the incident a “cheap publicity stunt”, adding: “While I do support women’s equality, I just really wonder what statement this young woman was really trying to make. It smacks of a cheap publicity stunt.”

But 32 year-old Cara was unrepentant last night.

“I’m not surprised by what’s been said,” she said. “When I was asked to make the speech two weeks ago I decided to make a statement. If I’d wanted this kind of reaction I’d have gone completely topless.

“It was my body and my choice. I don’t regret any of it. The reaction about my clothes to me is an example of a further suppression of women. They’d all need to wise up.”

During her speech in Stormont Cara said: “I am expressing my femininity. My sexuality. My youth. My body. The main point I want to raise is about a woman’s right to choose.”