Derry girl Shannon donates her hair to charity


Derry teenager, Shannon Walsh, has donated her hair cuttings to charity so that they can be used to create a wig for someone with cancer.

Shannon, 14, is a pupil at Thornhill College, and along with her parents Gary and Elaine and friends, she went along to RoCo Hair Salon on the Strand Road to have her locks of dark brown hair cut off.



“I read about the charity the Little Princess Trust and about how they can make wigs out of unwanted hair so I decided I wanted do it.”

Shannon, who is also a champion Irish dancer, raised over £1,000 and as she only needed £350 to take part in the Little Princess Trust event she donated the rest of the money to local charity, Foyle Down Syndrome.

Dad Gary said he was immensely proud of his daughter and added he was shocked at the level of support she has got.

“I can’t get over how much money she raised,” he said.

“Initially she thought it was going to be difficult to reach the £350 mark but she did do quite easily online.

“Shannon then raised another £500 from family donations and she donated the money to Foyle Down Syndrome and another charity in County Down.

“Shannon is an Irish dancer and when she is competing she wears a wig but it’s a massive deal for a teenage girl to have so much hair cut off.

“Thanks to Ronan Stewart and his team at RoCo they have done an amazing job - I wouldn’t recognise her,” he joked.

Shannon explained the main reason she wanted to take part.

“I am really lucky to have great friends and family but there are people out there who aren’t so lucky so when I sat down and thought about it, it just made sense. I know it’s a small gesture but hopefully it will make a difference to someone somewhere.”

Hair stylist and co-owner of RoCo, Ronan Stewart, said he was delighted to be involved and said he and the hair salon hope to take part in similar events in the future.

“It’s great thinking that the hair we’ve cut from Shannon today could go towards making a wig for someone who is suffering from cancer. It’s not the first time we have done this and it will most certainly not be the last.”