Derry health stats shocker

A new project looking to assess the health needs of people living in Derry’s Outer West area, has uncovered worrying statistics which, the organisers suggest, highlight an inadequate provision of health support services in the city.

As representatives of community organisations in Derry’s Outer West area - encompassing the electoral wards of Crevagh, Rosemount, Springtown and Foyle Springs, met to launch their Health Needs Analysis Review - statistics revealed a staggering increasing in the number of deaths in the area attributed to either alcohol abuse or suicide.

The figures also showed a high incidence of cancer, deaths under the age of 75 and high levels of people living with disabilities and chronic health conditions.

Most recent statistics revealed the number of deaths attributed to alcohol abuse in the Outer West area had increased almost three fold in the period from 2009-2013, based on the previous four year period.

Deaths from suicide had increased by more than 50per cent - with fears that the real figures could be much higher.

Dermot O’Hara, Chairman of the Outer West Community Partnership and manager of Destined, said the figures showed a “clear gap” in service provision and highlighted areas where much work needs to be done.

“The figures are worrying and show clearly where the city is being let down,” he said.

The Outer West Community Partnership has launched an extensive Health Needs Analysis Review with the local population to assess exactly where more need lies within the community.

Surveys will be sent out through the area in October.