Derry is north’s ‘E’ capital

More ecstasy was seized in Derry than in any other part of the North last year, new police figures reveal.

PSNI figures show that more than 6200 ecstasy tablets - around 130 every week - were seized by police in the city between April 2010 and the end of February this year. The figures also reveal almost 100 grams of cannabis are seized in the city every week.

Popular among revellers caught up in the rave scene of the 1990s, ecstasy - more commonly known as ‘E’ - was one of the most widely used recreational drugs of the last two decades. It is understood however its popularity waned over recent years when stronger substances became readily available and more affordable.

One source, a recreational drug user who does not wish to be named, told the Journal yesterday that drug users were reverting to ecstasy for purely financial reasons.

“Cocaine was the drug of choice for a number of years but has got too expensive comparatively speaking. That’s why Es have made such a big comeback. In many ways it’s come full circle.”

In total 6211 ecstasy tablets - more than anywhere else in the North - were seized by the PSNI in Derry last year.