Derry is ready to be happy, let’s be more positive

Cat Ward.
Cat Ward.

Catriona Jones is a happy woman.

And the award winning business woman who set up hugely successful ‘Olive Tree’ shop on Waterloo Street four years ago wants to spread that happiness around.

Catriona is running a series of ‘Heal Your Life’ workshops at the Redcastle Hotel on September 19 and 20.

With the theme of ‘Love Yourself,’ Catriona says the two day workshop will be transformational for the lives of people in the North West.

Based on the work of the global healing icon Louise Hay, the weekend will help people release negative thinking patterns and teach them to love themselves.

The Derry entrepreneur has just completed a seven day training programme on the work of Louise Hay and is keen to bring what she has learned to the people in her home town.

“I have always been into self help,” said the Creggan born woman. “Louise Hay who released her book in 1980s, healed herself from cancer. Her teaching is all about how when we feed our mind with positive affirmations it affects our outcome.

“My workshop in Redcastle is about releasing negative thought patterns and using positive affirmations. We give people a toolkit for a daily plan and teach them how you can go about your day in a positive way. I feel Derry is ready for this. I want to put Derry on the map spiritually.

“We’ve chosen the Redcastle Hotel for its beautiful location. During the weekend we will create a cocoon of unconditional love. Participants can work through the healing. It’s the perfect combination of healing and coaching.”

Catriona says the weekend is perfect for anyone struggling with issues, anxiety or depression or people who want to make a change in their lives.

The event will run on Saturday 19th and Sun 20th September at the Redcastle Hotel. A second workshop takes place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th Oct. A ten week course will also begin in Derry on October 12. More information on this will be released on the facebook and webpages at
To book a place on the course please contact Catriona on O7972040236.