From Derry Journal of December 1992

Four extra guests at Christmas

Saturday, 23rd December 2017, 11:00 am

The Lynch family at Carry, near Muff, have four extra mouths to feed this Christmas following the arrival of four lambs to one ewe on December 18.

While two lambs from the one ewe is not unusual, and three not uncommon, for one ewe to give birth to four lambs at once is almost unheard of.

John Lynch was delighted with the delivery of the lambs, which were all born healthy to a cross bred ewe.

If John was pleased with the new arrivals his little sixteen month old daughter Martha was just delighted and has made firm friends with the new additions to the farm.

The end of an era

The closing of the cross-border customs posts on Friday following the introduction of the Single European Market will mark the end of an era for the McClintock family from Muff.

The family have been involved in the maintenance and upkeep of the customs post since the foundation of the Free State in 1922. Johnny McClintock, who was until this week employed as caretaker at the post, followed in the footsteps of his father, James, who was first employed at the post in 1922. Naturally, after a family involvement of just over 70 years, Johnny is saddened to see it close.

Borders down but crackdown on smuggling promised

Although the New Year will see the dismantling of trade barriers between the 12 member states of the European Community with the opening of the Single European Market, customs officials on both sides of the border here in Ireland have promised to crack down on drugs and arms smuggling.

While the relaxation of trade barriers will bring advantages for those holidaying abroad, shoppers and those involved in the transportation business, there will be no relaxation of cross-border checkpoints between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.