Derry Journal Facebookers busy over flags protest

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The Derry Journal’s facebook page was inundated with angry posts over Wednesday night’s flags protest in the Waterside.

Several posters stated that they felt intimidated by the protesters while others were angry at being inconvenienced by the disruption to traffic flow. Some of the comments read as follows.

James McDermott said: “Spare a thought for those caught in sudden blockade such as myself, my wife and 7 month old baby in car surrounded by 40+ hooded and masked protesters with no help from police to clear the road to get through or get turned around. DISGRACE.”

Kevin O’Connor said: “I was wondering what was happening, it looks as if the police aren’t moving them along but instead stopped [sic] the flow of traffic to allow the bloody protest.”

Jason Scoltock posted: “I asked policeman [sic] was it legal? He said diverting the traffic was how they were told to handle it. Pathetic.” Diarmuid Gallagher stated: “Why are they protesting there? What has that got to do with anything? Why are some people so illogical?” Tanya O’kane said she wished people would “get over it!!!”

Alicia Brolly posted: “No respect for anybody or anything. We don’t need this carry on here.” Peter Fox called the protestors “clampets”. Eva Doherty added: “This is beyond ridiculous now.” Michael Dunne posted: “So what exactly does the EU Commission or the European parliament have to do with the ‘fleg’ issue?” Peter McAllister stated: “They are leaderless and when people have no cohesive plan of action, they’re behaviour becomes more unpredictable and dangerous. Loyalist true to form always revert back to its [sic] triumphalism and oppressive behaviour.”

Others made light of the issue such as Gerry Temple, who stated: “Don’t tell me Martina Anderson forgot to fly her fleg.” Ray Mclaughlin stated: “Local news chopper described the crowd from above.. ‘from this height they look like protest ants’”