Derry Journal online poll: What are your favourite Christmas movies?

Elf topped the Derry Journal online poll for your favourite Christmas film.
Elf topped the Derry Journal online poll for your favourite Christmas film.

As the big day gets ever closer , there’s no better way of entering the festive spirit by putting your feet up and putting your feet up, gathering the family round the box and putting on a classic Christmas film.

It’s the time of year when broadcasters cram their schedules with Christmas movies - and over the past two weeks our online readers have been helping to separate the turkeys from the crackers by voting in the poll on our site.

Now we can reveal what you choose as Christmas’ favourite flick.

Number 1 - Elf

Part child, part man, and part elf, Will Ferrell stars as Buddy, who as a baby crawled into Santa’s sack and is thereafter raised at the North Pole by elves.

But now man big, and with a penchant for wreaking havoc because of his size, Buddy discovers the truth and makes for New york in a bid to discover his true self and his father - the wholly unlikeable Walter Hobbs (James Caan). What ensues is both funny and smart and by its conclusion filled with the sentiment of and meaning of Christmas

Made in 2003, Elf is funny and smart in equal measure. Filled with laugh out loud moments this is Ferrell at his best, the movie that made him a star

Elf topped our poll with readers voting for it more than 1150 times - more than 50% of all votes cast

Number 2 - Bad Santa

Movie makers tend to have a feel good prerequisite around making Christmas films - not the makers of Bad Santa. Definitely not one for the kids this Christmas, but definitely one to watch when they’ve gone to bed, this is a hilarious caper, about a sordid, alcoholic robber who masquerades as a shopping mall Father Christmas.

Starring Billy Bob Thornton as Willie, Bad Santa was released in the same year as Elf to critical acclaim - and an impressive box office return. It has rapidly became something of a cult favourite. As black a black comedy as you are likely to see with a Christmas theme, Willies relationship with the kid, and ultimately his degree of redemption, give it a feel good vibe amidst the dark humour.

Bad Santa took some 825 votes in our poll

Number 3 - It’s A Wonderful Life

It may have been made sixty plus years ago but it comes as little surprise that the Frank Capra directed classic makes the top 3. Made in 1946, our online readers say this is among the quintessential Christmas movies. For the very few who are not familiar with this movie, Jimmy Stewart plays George Bailey, a family man living in small-town America who finds himself contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve.

But, just at the moment of his greatest despair , Clarence, his guardian angel, shows George a vision of how life would have been had he not been in it. Heartbreaking and heart-warming in equal measure, it’s hard to think of a better way to spend an hour and a half in front of the box this Christmas.

This old favourite was voted for 95 times in our online poll.

And for the record online readers rounded out their top five with Die Hard, Home Alone and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.