From Derry Journalof November 1967

Ceramics factory first on site

Friday, 1st December 2017, 9:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th December 2017, 12:50 pm

The first industry to be established on Derry’s new Springtown Industrial Estate has been officially opened.

It is West Ulster Studio Industries Ltd., a locally financed project, which manufactures a wide range of ceramics.

Temporary factory accommodation has been provided by the Ministry of Commerce and this was opened by Sir William Jenkins, the Six County Agent in London, who is one of the company’s shareholders.

The firm started operations three months ago and at the moment employs a staff of six people in the new industrial estate.

Talk on computers to Derry rotary

The speaker at the weekly meeting of Derry Rotary Club was Mr. A.C.S.Carr, of Scanning and Data Preparations Limited., who gave a most interesting talk on computers and pointed out the great assistance they could be, not only to large firms, but to smaller ones. He stressed the great development that had taken place in their mechanisation within the last few years.

Mr. John Grant proposed a vote of thanks, which was conveyed by the president (Mr. J.D. McCahon).

The president referred to the visit this weekend of representatives to the Leadership Forum in Magee University College.

Derry’s invites Harold Wilson

Derry Corporation’s Finance Committee has decided to invite the British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, to visit Derry and District at the earliest possible date.

They want Mr. Wilson to see for himself the industrial conditions in the city and to give personal attention to the finding of a solution to Derry’s industrial problems. The decision was taken after consideration of a report from the Town Clerk, Mr. R. H. Henderson, in which he recalled the appointment of the then Lord Hailsham, later Mr. Quinton Hogg, by the Conservative Government, to study the unemployment problem in the North East of England.