Derry letter bomb ‘a cold blooded’ attempt to kill

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A letter bomb found at a postal sorting office in Derry has been described as a “a cold blooded attempt to cause death” by the North’s Justice Minister.

Condemning those responsible, David Ford said:

“Yet again we have a cold blooded attempt to cause death or serious injury. Those behind this device do not care who they hurt or injure and have nothing positive to offer.

“I would ask people to continue to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police,” he said.

The bomb was discovered at the office in Great James Street on Thursday afternoon.

Police have described it as being contained in a white A4 envelope with the address written in grey stencilled lettering.

Derry’s MP Mark Durkan said the discovery was “yet another example of the disruptive impact of the violent efforts of so-called dissident groups.

“Thankfully no postal worker has been injured, but those graces are no thanks to those who were behind this attack.

“Those responsible for this device have shown complete and utter contempt for the people of Derry.

“They are out to destroy, and don’t care if they injure or kill anyone in the process.

“This callous and dangerous act flies in the face of the efforts made by so many people to improve life here,” he said.

Derry Sinn Fein councillor Mickey Cooper also condemned the discovery of the latest letter bomb.

“While this device was more than likely meant for a specific individual it nonetheless put everyone who came in contact with it in danger.

“Those behind these futile actions should reflect on the possible ramifications and the number of people they are putting at risk. Thanks to the vigilance of postal workers this device was successfully intercepted but it could just as easily have been the case that we were dealing with the serious injury or worse of a postal worker this morning.

“There can be no justification for the perpetration of these activities. If those behind them actually have a goal and a strategy then they should test it by putting it before the people and abiding by their decision.

Last October a letter bomb addressed to Derry PSNI commander, Chief Inspector, Jon Burrows was intercepted by postal workers in Lisburn, while a letter bomb was

also sent to the Public Prosecution Service office in Derry.