Derry man found in Ibiza

Shaun Doherty from Ballymagroarty in Derry.
Shaun Doherty from Ballymagroarty in Derry.

A Derry family are delighted to have made contact with their missing son and brother Shaun Doherty.

Shaun had failed to return home at the end of a holiday in Ibiza last week.

However, a social media posting by Shaun Doherty’s sister Stephanie was shared hundreds of times by Derry people after she appealed for help to locate her missing brother - and someone living in Ibiza took the time to look for the young Derry man, finding him at the airport.

Stephanie said, “We were so worried. We thought the worst when we hadn’t heard from him in two days. But a woman called Briege McAllister went around the island with his picture on her phone and saw a man who looked like Shaun and asked him if it was him. She rang me and put me on the phone to him. It was so good to hear his voice! We are so grateful to her for taking the time to look for Shaun.”

The 29-years-old will make his way home today after Stephanie organised new flights to get him home.