Derry man is asked to cover up Celtic jersey

An image of the type of Celtic jersey the man was wearing at the time.
An image of the type of Celtic jersey the man was wearing at the time.

The manager of the Foyle Jobs and Benefits Office on Asylum Road has been forced to apologise to a Derry man after a member of staff wrongly demanded he cover his Glasgow Celtic football jersey.

The 28 -year-old at the centre of the incident asked not to be named.

The man contacted the ‘Journal’ after the incident, which took place last Wednesday, as he felt “embarrassed, humiliated and angry.”

“I’d gone to the office on the Asylum Road to inform the staff there that I had changed my address,” he said.

“I was waiting patiently for my turn when a woman approached me and told me I had to either cover up my Celtic top or leave the building. I was humiliated and embarrassed in front of others. When I questioned her, she said she was the ‘Floor Manager’ and it was policy.”

The man, who has used the centre on numerous occasions over the last 10 years, said he was not keen to return in wake of the incident.

“The whole thing has left me feeling really angry. It’s not a crime to be a proud Celtic fan but the way I was treated last week was just disgraceful. Signing on is not easy at the best of times, never mind having to put up with something like this.” he maintained.

A spokesperson for the Department for Social Development (DSD) told the ‘Journal’: “The department can confirm that it does not have a dress code requirement for customers.

“The department is aware of a recent incident in the Foyle Jobs and Benefits Office where a member of staff approached one of its customers and incorrectly advised the customer to cover up a football top.

“Upon becoming aware of the incident the Manager of Foyle Jobs and Benefits Office took immediate steps to meet the customer to offer an unreserved apology for any distress and hurt this incident may have caused,” the statement concluded.