Derry man says God cures people from cancer at service in Bogside

Brendan McCrossan.
Brendan McCrossan.

A Derry man has revealed how God cured people from cancer at the Bogside Inn.

Brendan McCrossan claims he was driving past the bar one day when God spoke to him and told him to have a healing service there.

He said he booked a Monday night, God showed up and healed people.

He has since had two similar nights where he claims God showed up again and healed most of those who came.

Brendan said: “I asked God why the Bogside Inn? And he replied, ‘’I performed my first miracle in a bar in Cana at a wedding.’

“So I know that he is calling people to come and receive healing from his Holy Spirit and give them his Holy Spirit as well.”

“People with cancer and other illness and pain have been healed, “ Brendan told the ‘Journal.’

“A lady with cancer from Donegal was prayed with in May and during prayer all her burning pain disappeared.

“She had been told there was nothing the doctors could do as it was incurable.

“When she went to the doctor he told her there was no cancer anymore, she saw herself on the monitor that her cancer was gone. There was no new scarring from the cancer that had been healed by God.

“I see this all the time for I have been in a healing ministry for thirty eight years, and have seen the impossible healed, including Stacy, a lady in America who was raised from her death bed, she was totally paralysed from head to toe, could not speak, and was almost blind.

“My friend Carol in America sent me an email asking for prayer for Stacy who was dying, she was totally paralysed and almost blind and could not speak, and she had a disease that no one has ever survived over seventy two weeks with. God spoke to me and said ‘don’t pray for her, pray with her,’

“I got set up with the Internet and then got her husband Dan’s phone number and I phoned him and asked him did Stacy want prayer, and I heard her mumble yes.

“Carol was in the hospital with Stacy and I told her to lay hands on her, then as I prayed with her, her right arm began to move, then her left arm, and then her legs also began moving as God’s power was on her.

“Later on I had to stop praying as I feared that I would run out of credit for my phone and promised to phone back the next night.

“The next night as Rose and I arrived at our daughter’s apartment, the phone rang and a woman said: ‘Hi this is Stacy the lady you’re praying with.’ I want to thank you and to tell you what happened to me.

“My specialist came to prepare my family for my imminent death, and my Pastor also arrived to prepare my family for my funeral arrangement and both of them stood looking at me as I walked up and down the hospital corridor and they asked what happened to me, and I told them God has healed me; they both stared at me bewildered.

“She was totally healed. Three years later she was still healed and dancing at my friend’s son’s wedding.”

Brendan stresses that the healing service on Monday night at the Bogside Inn is completely free.

“God loves us and wants to heal his children and this is what is happening in the Bogside Inn on Monday night,” he said.

“There are ‘no collections’ and ‘no donations’ accepted.

“I say to people what have you to lose, come in sick, leave sick, nothing has changed, come in sick and walk out healed, everything has changed.”

The Derry man said he has been in a healing ministry for over thirty eight years.

“I have witnessed God healing those who come for healing no matter what their illness or pain was.

“It all began when I went to a prayer meeting held in the Creggan community centre to make fun of my mother in law.

“During the meeting a man spoke in tongues, a gift of the Holy Spirit, and as he spoke, God spoke to me and told me what he was saying.

“On our way home again my mother in law explained that I received another gift called ‘interpretation of tongues.’

“I then decided with my wife Rose to go to a life in the spirit seminar held by Father Kelly, and at the end of the nine weeks, some members of his prayer meeting prayed over me to receive the Holy Spirit and I did.

“Afterwards God spoke to me and said I have received the gift of miracles and healing as my primary gifts.

“Later I received all the nine gifts.

“Since then God has used myself and my wife Rose to pray with people for healing and we seen many amazing miracles that he did using us.

“There is no disease or sickness or deformity that God cannot heal, after all he created creation by the power of his words.

“I have prayed with Muslim people in Turkey and God healed them instantly, I also prayed with Hindus and prayed over the phone with people in Nigeria and Zimbabwe, and America and God healed them.

“God loves everyone no matter what their religion or belief, and so I invite everyone no matter what your religion or culture to come and be healed by God; I do the praying, God does the healing, and it is to him I give all glory.

Every Christian who is baptized in the Holy Spirit has the same gifts and abilities that I have, and I want to encourage them to begin stepping out and to pray with people and they also will see God heal them.

“I have been used by God to go into the prisons and share with the different political groups there the good news of God’s forgiveness with other political denominations.}

The Healing Service takes place upstairs in the Bogside Inn on Monday night (November 10) at 7 p.m.

All welcome to attend.