Derry man says vote for independence ‘too risky’

Derry man David Peoples.
Derry man David Peoples.
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Derry man, David Peoples, has been living in Scotland for the last 7 and a half years and recently he got married.

David works as an actuary in the financial sector in Edinburgh and he said that should Scotland’s electorate vote to leave the rest of the United Kingdom on Thursday, he and his new wife will move to England.

“I own a flat at the minute and I want to be able to buy a house and start a family in the next few years and I think independence from the rest of the United Kingdom could jeopardise that.

“House prices could increase to the point where I wouldn’t be able to pay my mortgage and with me working in the financial sector there’s a real possibility that my job could be moved to England.

“I honestly don’t think an independent Scotland would work so for that reason I am voting no - no way am I voting yes.”

Thirty-one year-old David, who is a former pupil of Good Shepherd P.S. and St. Columb’s College, thinks because he has no nationalistic tendencies towards Scotland enables him to see the arguments for and against a yes vote more clearly.

“I am voting strictly with my head when it comes to Thursday’s referendum. I am voting for what I think would be best for my family and I. Some say it could take as long as five years to find out whether an independent Scotland could work. I am in my early thirties and that’s time I just don’t have.”

He added: “Although it’s a tight race between yes and no I think the no campaign will win the referendum but we will just have to wait and see.”