Derry man vows to carry on fighting for people with Parkinson’s


Derry man Jack Glenn has been re-elected as the chair of the Foyle Branch of Parkinson’s UK.

Mr. Glenn, 68, has been been at the helm of the local branch for four years and said he is delighted the group has put their faith in him again.

“I was delighted when they told me that they wanted me to carry on with what I was doing for another year,” he said.

Mr. Glenn was re-elected at the local branch’s AGM on Tuesday evening and said he intends on using 2011 to raise awareness about the illness.

“I have a lot of unfinished business,” he said.

“This year we have published our own manifesto and we have contacted all the local political parties. The local elections are taking place next month and we are asking all of the political parties to highlight Parkinson’s in the next Stormont Assembly.”

Mr. Glenn said that the biggest hurdles faced by Parkinson’s sufferers was a lack of education. He said that through political intervention and training he hopes to help improve the help and support available to people with Parkinson’s across the North of Ireland.

“There’s not enough pro-active work happening where Parkinson’s is concerned,” he said.

“Now that I have been re-elected as chair of the Foyle branch I will work extremely hard to make sure that those with Parkinson’s get the best possible care and support. Parkinson’s is a very serious illness and the more people are educated about it the better it is for everyone.”

Mr. Glenn was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when he was 60. Although semi-retired from his work as an undertaker Mr. Glenn said the reason he decided to put his name forward for another year was because he enjoys helping other local people people with the illness.

“I have noticed our group increase its numbers every year and all of the people I have met are a true inspiration. At the end of the day I wouldn’t do the work I do if I didn’t enjoy it but there’s a lot of work still to be done and hopefully as chair I can help the branch to move in the right direction.”

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