Derry mother ‘fuming’ after hypodermic needle found outside home

The hypodermic needle was discovered in Londonderry.
The hypodermic needle was discovered in Londonderry.

An angry Derry mother has slammed the person responsible for discarding a used syringe and needle in Hazelbank.

The woman, who contacted the ‘Journal’, shared a photo of the hypodermic needle on Facebook after it was found near her home in Drumard Park.

The mother said the discovery was made close to where her daughter and friends usually play.

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“To the people of this town, if you are going to inject, it doesn’t matter what it is or what it has been used for, dispose of them [needles and syringes] correctly and safely for the sake of others,” she said.

“Absolutely vile! I am disgusted!!! Luckily enough an adult spotted it before four children under seven did! I’m living here nearly four years and never have I had any problems or seen anything as horrific as this! I am fuming,” added the woman.