Derry mother's act of kindness

A Derry woman has said she has been stunned by messages of support after offering to loan her daughter's First Communion dress to another family before it is made into small gowns for babies who have passed away.

Tuesday, 11th October 2016, 8:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 5:53 pm
Derry woman Sharon Gloan.

Sharon Goan’s selfless actions has received an extremely positive response online, with other families contacting her to say they too would like to make similar gestures to help others.

Sharon (32), a mother of four from the Waterside area, said she wanted to help out another family which might not be in a position to afford the often high costs associated with First Communion attire.

“My sister and myself bought the dress in a bridal shop and it cost over £230.

“We were just talking about it a few weeks ago and thought there is no point in it just hanging there.”

Sharon said that, as a mother of four herself, she knew that it can be difficult at times for parents to raise the money needed for such occasions.

“There are people who might be going through hard times who maybe just can’t go to that expense. Then there are people who go all out and there’s ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and some people might feel they are left out.

“Hopefully it will go now to someone who needs it and it can all be done anonymously.”

Sharon said she became aware of the Angel Gowns charity a few years back and said that since she announced her intention to donate the dress after loaning it, she has received messages from people wishing to do the same.

Angel Gowns recycle wedding and First Communion outfits into gowns for babies who are stillborn or pass away shortly after birth.

“I would rather it was going to be put to some use rather than just hanging in a wardrobe.”

Sharon can be contacted via her Facebook page.