Derry movie ‘Jump’ gets world premier at Belfast Film Festival

Actress Nicola Burley pictured during the shooting on 'Jump' on location on Derry's walls. (0706lm120
Actress Nicola Burley pictured during the shooting on 'Jump' on location on Derry's walls. (0706lm120

Derry writer Lisa McGee’s latest work had its world premier at the Belfast Film festival on Friday.

The Belfast Film Festival showcased ‘Jump’ at the Movie House, Belfast.

The movie, originally entitled ‘Limbo,’ was shot on location in Derry and Belfast in March 2011. The shooting of some scenes meant the Foyle Bridge was closed to motorists over night.

Producer Brendan Byrne described the movie as: “Like Crash meets Pulp Fiction somewhere in Northern Ireland, with three stories which interlink, all set on New Year’s Eve.”

Lisa McGee studied Drama at Queens University Belfast. She was writer on attachment at the Royal National Theatre London in 2006.

McGee has also written episodes of the television series Raw, Being Human, and Totally Frank.

Jump boasts an ensemble cast of local actors including stars Martin McCann (Killing Bono, Whole Lotta Sole), Richard Dormer (Good Vibrations), Ciaran McMenamin (Saving the Titanic), Charlene McKenna, Lalor Ruddy and Valene Kane.

A spokesperson said: “Jump weaves an existential portrait of our character’s lives as their hopes, fears and secrets are revealed.”

The film follows the lives of four twenty-something’s whose lives collide on New Year’s Eve on the walls of Derry, in a night of fast talk, accidents and intrigue.

Central to the narrative is Greta, the daughter of a feared crime boss.

Greta is rescued from suicide by drifter Pearse, who himself is on a mission to avenge his brother’s mysterious death.

Then there is Johnny, a small time crook and Marie, a frustrated shop assistant,both of whom are looking for a fresh start. As the clock ticks down to midnight the night’s events fall into place.