Derry mum found sexually explicit pictures on daughter’s phone

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A Derry mother has spoken of her horror finding a number of sexually explicit pictures on her 13 year-old daughter’s phone.

The woman, who we’re not naming to protect the identity of her child, said she felt sick when she saw found pictures of young boys the same age as her daughter exposing themselves. The nature of some of the pictures is so graphic we are unable to print the details.

The Derry mother, who is bravely speaking out to warn other parents also revealed that her own daughter had sent a topless picture of herself, over social media.

She made the discovery after going through the messages on her daughter’s phone.

“My daughter had always been so good,” she said. “Then she was brought home by police after drinking and throwing up. I couldn’t get any straight answers from her.

“I went through her snapchat and found pictures from young fellas her age.”

She also revealed how her daughter had received a message from an unknown man asking her to perform a sexual act on herself.

“My heart is in my stomach, I don’t know what to do. I got her the phone for Christmas. You wouldn’t believe the things that are being said over snapchat.

Social media is ruining our young people. Parents need to get on their children’s phones and check what’s going on.”