Derry needs a strong voice in London to fight its case on Brexit, benefits and pensions: Durkan

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SDLP Westminster candidate Mark Durkan has said that the House of Commons, far from being an irrelevance, is the key battleground on which the battle over Brexit, taxes, pensions, benefits and tax credits is fought.

Mr. Durkan promised that he would continue to provide Derry with a strong voice in London if he is returned as the representative for Foyle next month.

“Even when we have a working Assembly and Executive, Westminster still makes decisions that affect us all. Brexit, taxes, pensions, benefits and tax credits impact on every household in Derry,” he said.

“The Commons is also where big decisions are made on human rights, health priorities, equality, climate change, aid to the world’s poorest, refugees and war.

“I have been proud to represent the interests, rights and principles of people in the Foyle constituency on all these issues and more since 2005.

“Given the context of this election, the next Parliament will take profound decisions in their name. Theresa May does not just want a ‘strong hand’ to deliver a hard Brexit. She seeks a ‘free hand’ on policies which go against the interests of people in this city and their concern for others. “It is therefore important that Derry continues to have a strong, clear and principled voice making the case, ready to be counted and taking a stand, even if others do not.

“That is the positive choice I am offering the people of Derry in this election and the democratic service which I promise everyone in Foyle,” he said.