Derry ‘NeuroConcise’ idea could go global

A Derry man has been shortlisted in a major innovation competition, which could see him turn his company into a global business, as well as win a share of the £33,000 prize fund and an opportunity to take part in the NI ‘Tech Mission’ to San Diego and San Francisco.

Dr. Damien Coyle has been announced as one of the Top 24 finalists in the Northern Ireland Science Park’s INVENT 2015 competition. His invention ‘NeuroConcise’ is described as wearable neurotechnology. The mask like device non-invasively measures and translates brainwaves into control signals that allow people to communicate and interact with computers without moving.

Dr. Coyle will reveal his innovation to the public for the first time in a special ‘QuickPitch’ event in front of 200 people at W5 in Belfast this Thursday.

He believes the invention could prove positive for those people worldwide who are described as being “in a minimally conscious state.”

Speaking as he prepares to showcase the innovation, Dr. Coyle said: “It is estimated there are 280,000 people worldwide, in a minimally conscious state. Estimations of people in a vegetative state are around 61,000 in the US and UK. 43% of this group are misdiagnosed, and our technology offers new hope for these people.

“Our technology has been trialled by stroke survivors and spinal cord injured whilst our primary focus is assessment of awareness in disorders of consciousness (DoC) and movement-free communication technologies for DoC sufferers, who are often misdiagnosed and have no communication means. We are now ready to take our technology to the next stage. Being involved in INVENT 2015 will help us realise our vision of giving people across the globe a voice, who may otherwise have no means of communication, leading to better quality of life.”

NeuroCONCISE technology has been researched for 15 years and is a potential Ulster University spinout.