Derry paramedics to wear ‘riot gear’


Paramedics in Derry will wear PSNI riot gear when attending disturbances, it has been confirmed.

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service took the move after a recent review of riot situations in the North.

The move will apply to paramedics right across the North.

It is also believed that paramedics will also drive bullet-proof vehicles.

John McPoland from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service said the riot gear will enhance the protection of paramedics.

“We need to continually review our operational procedures and this is just one step to try and protect our staff as best as we possibly can,” he said.

“The uniform that our guys wear normally out on the road, it had a protective hat and a reflective coat.

“But in a riot situation and with the number of petrol bombs that have been thrown about the place, we felt that we could offer them better protection, by providing them with police riot gear and paramedics quite clearly displayed on it.”