Derry parish wants people to pray for jobs

St. Joseph's Church, Galliagh.
St. Joseph's Church, Galliagh.

It’s not unusual for Derry people to plead with their politicians to campaign for more jobs to be brought to the city.

But the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal based in Galliagh have come up with a new way to solve unemployment - they want people to pray for jobs.

The priests are holding a Mass at 7 p.m. on Friday night in St Joseph’s Galliagh, tieing in with the feast day of St Joseph the worker.

“We thought it would be an appropriate day to pray for jobs,” said Father Columba.

“So many people in the area can relate to the issue of unemployment. We want encourage people who may have given up - hope.

“We often get people coming to our door looking for a chat about not being able to find a job.

“The welfare system is often not enough and while there are so many groups who are trying to help those in poverty, no amount of help can replace having the security of a job.”

Father Columba said it’s important that we have faith.

“We want to stir up individual and community confidence that God is listening,” he said.

“God wants to us together asking him as a family. And while God is not a politician, the more people who speak to him, the more we can get his attention.

“God can make miracles happen but we need to pray and work as a community.”

Those in and out of work are invited to the Mass.

The louder the prayer means he will listen all the more,” said Father Columba.