Derry posts worst fail rate for driving tests

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The driving test pass rate in Derry was the lowest in the North for the sixth consecutive quarter in the first three months of this financial year.

The Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) has suggested the lower pass rate can be partly explained by differences in driving abilities and driving conditions between areas.

The revelation was made in the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Driver, Vehicle, Operator, and Enforcement Statistics for April to June.

“The overall pass-rate for private-car driving tests was 54.4 per cent, ranging by test centre from 41 per cent in Londonderry (Altnagelvin) to 71.8 per cent in Downpatrick.

“This was the eighteenth consecutive quarter that Downpatrick had the highest pass-rate, and the sixth consecutive quarter that Londonderry (Altnagelvin) had the lowest,” said the DVA.

The agency suggested that the reason that Derry had a 59 per cent fail record over the three months could be down to driver ability.

Road conditions were also a possible factor, it said.

“At least part of the difference recorded between test centres will reflect the differential driving ability and experience of candidates presenting for testing at each test centre while other relevant factors will be specific to the test centre such as local driving conditions,” said the DVA.

The bulletin shows there were over 1,190,000 vehicles licensed in the North at the start of the financial year. The overwhelming majority (83 per cent) were cars.