Derry regeneration study launched

The Peace Bridge, Derry. (DER3413PG003)
The Peace Bridge, Derry. (DER3413PG003)

A new study to guide the regeneration of Derry has been launched by the North’s Social Development Minister.

Nelson McCausland says the Demand Analysis Study, to be undertaken by Turley Associates, will inform the timing and approach to the city’s regeneration.

The Minister said: “I am committed to working in partnership with colleagues in both central and local government and in Ilex to achieve the targets set out in the One Plan for Londonderry.

“Meeting the target of 12,900 net additional jobs by 2020 will be the most important measure of whether we have collectively delivered the benefits of regeneration to the most deprived in our communities.

“This Study will set out detailed analysis and recommendations together with an action plan to guide the strategic interventions of key regeneration agencies and other stakeholders towards that end.”

Explaining the need for the study the Minister continued: “I am aware that a city centre retail strategy was undertaken in Londonderry in early 2008.

However the data collated at that point now reflects a different economic climate before the recession, the reduced availability of investment capital, the increased level of city centre vacancies and the collapse of prominent high street retailers.

“An updated, comprehensive analysis based on current data is now necessary to provide a robust baseline for strategic interventions, and will provide a valuable tool for local and central government in the run up to, and following the transfer of powers under the Reform of Local Government.”

Derry’s Mayor, Colr Martin Reilly says the study is an important addition to the work already being undertaken “to change people’s lives for the better in the city.”

“The One Plan will continue to be the blueprint for regeneration as we move into the new dispensation following RLG and the Demand Analysis Study will help us focus and prioritise the work we still have to do to maximise its success.”

The study is due to be completed by the end of September this year.