Derry residents forced to clean streets themselves

James McCarron says the area is plagued with rubbish.
James McCarron says the area is plagued with rubbish.

A Derry man has called on the local council to intervene to clean up the streets in the Bishop Street area.

James McCarron says the area needs to be cleaned more because of the high number of schoolchildren who pass through, and the volume of retail outlets.

“I’ve been complaining about the filth and dirt for ten years,” he said, “Residents have taken to going out and clearing the streets themselves. As well as the rubbish there is a problem with leaves and our gratings haven’t been cleared. If I complain someone will come out and clean, but that’s it, then we’re back to square one. There’s three schools in the area, and there are students who get buses from Bishop Street into other areas of the city. It’s the same in Ardfoyle and residents are fed up having to pick the rubbish up themselves. This area is being neglected.

A spokesperson for Derry City and Strabane District Council explained that it is aware of Mr McCarron’s concerns. The spokesperson explained that the Council cleansing team works to an extremely high standard seven days per week to maintain high quality cleansing standards across the city and district. Bishop Street is one of a number of city centre streets and busy thoroughfares that have problems with high volumes of litter and as a result the area is cleaned on a daily basis, Monday to Friday by a cart operator and on a Saturday and Sunday morning by a Council cage crew. The street is also cleaned on Thursday using a mechanical sweeper to remove heavy debris including leaves.

The spokesperson said it is satisfied that the current cleansing regime is adequate adding that responsibility for keeping the area clean also lies with the wider public who must share the responsibility when disposing of their rubbish.