Derry’s Amy due home today following Nepal disaster

Amy Webster and her boyfriend Ryan Lloyd-Davies.
Amy Webster and her boyfriend Ryan Lloyd-Davies.

A Derry girl who was trapped on Everest as a result of the Nepal Earthquake has safely made it off the world’s highest mountain and is due to arrive in Belfast this morning.

Amy Webster from the city centre and her boyfriend Ryan Lloyd Davies narrowly escaped with their lives following the Nepal disaster, which has claimed the lives of over 7,000 people, including many fellow trekkers on Everest.

The couple only avoided a major avalanche en route to Base Camp immediately after the Earthquake because Ryan got sick and they had to turn back.

They have spent the past week on a treacherous voyage off the mountain, negotiating pathways partially destroyed by a number of aftershocks and landslides.

They also narrowly being pushed off a cliff by a yak and had to cross a glacier because of the damage to the route.

On their way off the mountain they have encountered deserted villages, hospitals, and have helped many people including the injured and wounded in the aftermath of the main avalanche and Buddhist monks whose Temple home was destroyed.

Hopefully this is the end of this chapter of the great adventure.

Amy’s mum Bernie Webster

In a message over the weekend, Amy’s parents Bernie and Tim confirmed that their daughter had made it to safety.

They said: “Amy is now in Kathmandu and is booked to arrive in Belfast at 11am Monday morning [today].

“She described the take off from Lukla Airport as very scary.

“She suggested to us that she would get the Airporter home! We’ll be there!

“Hopefully this is the end of this chapter of the great adventure.”