Derry’s Declan is ‘Odds On’ to have success with new album

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Derry singer/songwriter, Declan McLaughlin, has written, recorded and produced his second solo album, titled ‘Odds On’.

Declan’s new record is reflective of what life was and still is like for many people living in Derry.

Declan McLaughlin.

Declan McLaughlin.

‘Factory Girl’ is a fantastic track. It’s about a boy who meets a girl while working in one of Derry’s factory; he develops a passion for music but the relationship ends when the couple go their separate ways.

One of the lines from ‘Factory Girl’ ‘...I often dreamt of leaving, but I was too afraid to run’ is something that many young people growing up in Derry in 1980s would be able to empathise with.

Declan’s new album gets under the skin of what it is to be Irish and working class but more importantly, his songs are full of hope.

The backing vocals provided by fellow singer/songwriters Dougal McPartland and Leeanne Doherty are soft and comforting to the ear and all three come together brilliantly in the track ‘Bars Along the Quay’ and ‘Union Song’.

“It’s really important for me to have done this second album by myself.

“I recorded this in my bedroom and I am pretty happy with how it turned out,” said Declan.

The thought of and the actual act of leaving a town or city is something that appears over and over again in ‘Odds On’.

In the song ‘In LA’ Declan sings about ‘LA is going to treat me the way it should’ and about ‘we all love a happy ending but someone’s gotta to die’. It’s just one of the 11 songs on the album that shows Declan has a tremendous skill for writing songs that everyone can connect to. The lyrics are tremendous and if you’re not tapping your foot by the end of it then there’s something not quite right with you!