‘Derry’s showing it has skills to deliver’

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Invest NI’s Executive Director of Business and Sector Development, Jeremy Fitch, says the State industrial development agency is delighted to be able to offer £652,000 to Derry cyber firm, MetaCompliance, to help it create 69 new jobs in the city over the next three years.

The firm, which specialises in cyber security software and is recruiting for a combination of sales and IT roles at its headquarters in the old City Factory in Patrick Street, was descirbed by Mr. Fitch as one of the North’s most innovative technology companies.

“Invest NI is absolutely delighted to be supporting MetaCompliance in this reinvestment in Derry,” he said.

“Here is a company that’s been here since 2005. They are creating nearly 70 new jobs and it’s being delivered by a company whose owner, Robbie O’Brien, is from Derry and is obviously pleased with the experience he’s found in his home city.

“We’re delighted to be able to support him in doing that work.”

MetaCompliance provides clients with software that helps deal with cyber security threats and meet requirements under data protection, privacy and bribery laws.

“This is exactly where we want to be. It’s data security. It’s compliance. It’s cyber security. Areas of huge growth, so big opportunities for Derry.

“Derry’s demonstrating it has the skills to deliver in this particular area and it’s a sector that will be growing in the future,” said Mr. Fitch.

“The world is always changing.

“There are always new opportunities coming up and I think what is important about this investment is that it shows the people in Derry are able to adapt.

“They are able to learn new skills and they are able to take advantage of those global opportunities that exist out there.”