Derry’s ‘treasures’ on TG4

Derry’s ‘treasures’ will be on display on TG4 on Thursday evening in a new Irish language television programme.

‘Taisce na Tuaithe’ (Treasures of the Country) visits different locations throughout the country revealing interesting stories and exploring local history. Thursday night’s episode is all about Derry and includes songs, dancing, and a look at Derry’s role in the Second World War.

The show’s presenter, Pilib MacCathmhaoil, said he has always found Derry to be a very welcoming city. “I have been going to Derry for many years and I have always got a great welcome,” he said.

“There is something unique about Derry the Derry people that you don’t find elsewhere. I’ve always found that there is a great community spirit in Derry,” he added.

Pilib and his team came to Derry last year to film the programme and said he met a host of interesting people. “We went exploring the walls with Fearghal Mag Uiginn who told us about the local history. We also did a piece on Lundy, which was something I was aware of but didn’t much about.

“We then went down to the docks where we met an older man with excellent Irish who remembers the U-Boats being lined up along the quay at the end of the Second World War,” he explained,

Taisce na Tuaithe will be screened on TG4 on Thursday at 8pm.