Derry skipper curses Coreolis effect

The 'Derry-Londonderry' sets sail in race two (from Madeira to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) of the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race.
The 'Derry-Londonderry' sets sail in race two (from Madeira to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) of the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race.

The captain of Derry’s clipper has cursed the Coreolis effect after the city’s entry fell to sixth place in the early hours of yesterday.

The south east trade winds have been blowing across the Equator but have been deflected to the right by the Coreolis effect (the rotation of the earth) leaving the Derry team with a very slight breeze for sailing. In a nutshell that means that the local entry has made pretty poor progress.

Skipper Mark Light is looking to the teams south east of them with envy as they are able to sail faster and more freely in stronger breeze.

“It’s been a pretty tough night with regards to progress,” Mark said.

“After charging south and making very good progress through the Doldrums we are now hampered by headwinds. This is not conducive to us getting to Rio efficiently at the moment.”

However, spirits remained high among the crew and they are well aware of how quickly their fortunes can be turned around in the race.

The skipper was equally upbeat about the team’s prospects. “Rest assured all you Derry-Londonderry fans that once the wind backs to the south east you watch us charge towards port with the speed of 100 winged horses driven by Neptune himself or a Clipper 68 at full power. Either way I’m sure we will hear you all shouting as HMS LegenDerry shoots up the rankings once again - just remember form is temporary but class is permanent.”

The ‘Derry~Londonderry’ crew showed great skill while enjoying strong winds to move into fourth place on Sunday morning.

The progress of the clipper was impressive as it sailed up the rankings from eighth position on Friday to fifth position on Saturday.

Positions at 0900 yesterday, from first to last: Gold Coast Australia; Singapore; Welcome to Yorkshire; Qingdao; New York; Derry-Londonderry; Visit Finland; De Lage Landen; Edinburgh Inspiring Capital; Gerldton Western Australia.

Fans can follow the progress of the ‘Derry~Londonderry’ and the other competitors in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 2011-12 at Full positions are updated every three hours.