Derry supergrass Gilmour supports loyalist protestors on Israeli radio

Derry informer Raymond Gilmour. (1503MM27)
Derry informer Raymond Gilmour. (1503MM27)

Derry supergrass Raymond Gilmour has expressed support for loyalist protestors in the ongoing dispute over the flying of the union flag.

The informer made the comments in an interview on Arutz Sheva - Israeli National Radio last week.

The Creggan man, who infiltrated both the INLA and IRA, also referred to Derry as “Londonderry” throughout the interview.

He also gave an erroneous history of republican groups, claiming that the Provisional IRA emerged from a split between the Official IRA and the INLA. He claimed that “Sinn Féin/IRA” are in charge of police and intelligence services in the North.

“The majority of people in NI are protestant, unionist, loyalist people and are now being run by the Provisional IRA and led by the nose. “The Protestant community are being suppressed. Northern Ireland is still part of Great Britain and the majority of people are Protestant unionist loyalist and they are being prevented from flying their flag or they will go to jail.”

“I am a Roman Catholic but I feel sorry for the loyalist unionist protest people because they are given the raw end of the stick and they are being trampled on by their own politicians,” he said.