Derry support for ‘no’ campaign

Sinn Féin councillors from Derry have joined with their colleagues in Inishowen to campaign for a ‘no’ vote in the referendum on the austerity treaty.

Derry councillor Colly Kelly teamed up with Inishowen councillor Jack Murray for a canvass in the Killea area to garner support for the ‘no’ campaign and erected posters along the border between Derry and Donegal.

Councillor Kelly said: “The recent election results in France and Greece were a massive blow against the failed policy of austerity. People are sending a clear signal that austerity is not working and that a new approach based on jobs and growth must be found.

“The canvass was very encouraging. People were engaged with the issues, were following the debate and clearly understood the costs of a yes vote particularly in counties like Donegal and the effects that would have for the neighbouring county of Derry.”

Colr. Murray said he was confident the people of Inishowen would vote against the austerity treaty in the referendum on May 31.

“We believe that the austerity treaty will have an impact, not only in the 26 counties that will vote in the referendum, but in every part of this island.

“As the strongest political party in the north west of Ireland we have a duty to mobilise everyone who is opposed to austerity and encourage them to vote against the treaty. This is about promoting a fairer future for our children.

“As such, our colleagues in Derry will be fully involved in our campaign for a ‘no’ vote.

“I am confident that with our party in Donegal and Derry fully engaged in the campaign, we can secure a resounding ‘no’ vote in Donegal,” Councillor Murray said.