Derry taxi’s Buncrana crash is web ‘smash’ hit

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Security camera footage of a Derry taxi’s high speed smash on Buncrana Main Street has become the second most watched video on YouTube.

By lunchtime yesterday the footage - which shows a speeding Derry cab destroying a phone box, a bin and a lampost before striking an occupied car parked at Upper Main Street - had amassed an amazing 2.6 million views.

It’s understood that no one was hurt in the crash and immediately after impact three people can be seen getting out of the taxi while another man exits the car that was struck.

And now the frightening crash - which took place on April 20, 2009 - is to feature on a network TV show in the US and Canada.

The popular footage was recorded on a CCTV camera belonging to a local business.

It was posted on the web by local man Cathal Crossan on January 20 and by February 14 had 180,000 hits.

However, this week it featured as the main video on a popular YouTube channel run in the US by Ray William Johnson.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ from Canada, where he now lives and works, Mr Crossan said: “I never thought it would be this big, I only posted it on YouTube because some locals were asking to see it.

“If I had a euro for every view, yes I’d be happy. YouTube sent me an email saying it was the second most watched video on Monday February 14 and on Tuesday 15 it was the third most watched video.”

He confirmed that a deal has been done with a Californian TV company for the footage. “A deal was signed and it will be featured very shortly on a programme in the US and Canada.”

Mr Crossan said he only posted it because a few friends had asked to see it on Facebook.

“It had 108,000 views up until February 14, then it made it on a YouTube channel called Ray William Johnson.

“He has 2.88 million subscribers who log on to check his latest videos every week.”

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