Derry taximan hailed for compassion in attempt to rescue pet dog

A Derry taxi driver has been praised for their compassion in an attempt to rescue a pet dog from the River Foyle.

Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 10:12 am

The man, who drives for Foyle Taxis, alerted Foyle Search and Rescue to the incident last weekend, according to the charity.

“During one of our duty nights a taximan reported to our team that he had come across a dog owner who while out walking his dog had broken free and gone over a 30 feet drop on the river’s edge.

“FS&R volunteers immediately conducted a difficult operation to locate and retrieve the dog.

“Sadly the dog had succumbed to injuries and showed no signs of life when found and returned to our base in Prehen,” said FS&R.

The taximan was praised for keeping the heartbroken dog owner company and driving them to FS&R headquarters in Prehen.

“Appreciation to Foyle Taxis for showing patience, understanding and compassion. We are sure the dog owners concerned are very appreciative,” said FS&R.