Derry teacher plays host to the world cup

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A Derry teacher got her hands on what many football fans would class as the ultimate prize, after the World Cup paid a visit to her school.

Brenna Collins was lucky enough to hold the eighteen carat gold trophy during a celebratory event at St Michael’s bi-lingual school.

The 25-year-old teacher, originally from the Ballymagroarty area, moved to Europe shortly after she qualified because she was unable to get a job in Northern Ireland.

After a year in Italy, she moved to Madrid where she has been teaching for the last year and has been enjoying every minute of her sun-filled, laid back lifestyle.

When she moved there she never thought that she would be playing host to the World Cup, even if it was for only for an afternoon.

“The Mayor of Boadilla, where the world cup is currently held, has a child at the school and he brought the cup in to show everyone.

“Unfortunately there were no Spanish footballers there but it was exciting for me and the children to see the cup.”

Brenna and her pupils got into the spirit of things by painting the Spanish flag on their faces and parading around the school yard.

“It was a real celebration and the children had a great day.

There was music, dancing and all the children were chanting as it arrived.

“It was a privilege for me to hold the cup. It had the bonus of making my football mad brother very jealous!”

“Not too many Derry people can say they have held the World Cup” she added.