Derry to pilot bin ‘app’ for six months

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Derry is to pilot an innovative new ‘app’ which will remind the public when their bins are due for collection.

The ‘Bin Ovation’ app, which will be trialled over six months, is hailed as a high tech solution for Council’s recycling reducation and awareness needs.

The app, which is a free to download, will allow Council to upload news and information with regards to waste collection/recycling services.

It will provide the user with directions to recycling centres and advice on opening hours.

It will also let users know which bin is due for collection and on which day.

The app is being used by ten councils across the North and, at the beginning of June, it was being used by more than 5,000 users.

Council has been told that the use of the app is thought to reduce the number of complaints to the local authority.

Councillors have heard that the cost of the app is £6,000, rising by £500 each year.

Council says the six month pilot period will allow it to “determine the usage of the app and if it is popular and worthwhile to pursue.”

It says finance can be found from within existing budgets to cover the cost of the pilot.