Derry-to-the-bone mutt is as fit as a butcher’s dog

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Mystery surrounds the identity of a beautiful Golden Retriever who, for the past two years, has been a well-known Derry butcher’s best customers and is fast becoming a bit of a dog about town.

Since 2015 the Derry-to-the-bone mutt has been turning up at the Maiden City Butchers premises in Waterloo Place two or three times a week in anticipation of being tossed a nugget of teeth-cleaning marrowy goodness.

Proprietor Gerry Lowry, who thinks the dog might be called ‘Lennon’ but isn’t too sure, told the ‘Journal’ he believes the curious canine trots all the way from the Lower Bishop Street area for the tasty treats.

“He’s been coming here for about the last two years,” said Gerry.

“We think he actually comes all the way over from Lower Bishop Street. People have seen him coming down Waterloo Street in the mornings and he’s also been seen going up Bridge Street.

“He’d be down two or three times a week. He’s definitely one of our regular customers He’s on our Christmas card list put it that way!”

Staff at the City Centre Initiative (CCI) are equally fond of Mr. Lowry’s best friend and in a recent social media post described him as a “real character”.

‘Lennon’ can be spotted waiting patiently outside the popular butcher’s shop at around 8 o’clock of a morning whenever the hankering takes him.

And he’s now as fit as a butcher’s dog.

“At the start we thought we’d give him a big double bone to put him off but off he went and dragged it off with him!”