Derry traditional singing circle

This month will be the last session in a year which has witnessed a very exciting series of sessions in Tinney’s Bar, including guest appearances by some of the country’s leading traditional singers such as Sean Mone, Maurice Leyden, Len Graham and Kevin and Ellen Mitchell.

December’s session on Thursday 6 Bar at 9pm sees the return of the superb duo from Buncrana, guitarist and singer Mickey Gallanagh and accordion and mouth organ player Tom Byrne.

Their last session in Tinney’s included impromptu performances from local traditional step dancers and home-grown traditional singers who have supported the sessions over the last number of years. The final session will lead into what will be a very exciting year for the city and Derry Traditional Singers Circle hope to be an integral part of these celebrations.

A large attendance is expected so it is recommended that people come early.