Derry Trust Fund launch new fundraising appeals

Members of the Derry Trust Fund, from left, Anna Dillon, Elizabeth Zammitt, Lisa Mcintyre and Elaine McIntyre.
Members of the Derry Trust Fund, from left, Anna Dillon, Elizabeth Zammitt, Lisa Mcintyre and Elaine McIntyre.

An organisation which for 50 years has funded trips to Lourdes for the sick have announced plans to fundraise through some new projects.

The Derry Trust Fund plans to gather the memories of those who have participated in their pilgrimages over the years and present them in a book which they plan to have out by November this year.

As such group members, Anna Dillon and Elizabeth Zammitt are appealing for those who wish to record their journey’s, or the relatives of those who have passed on, to come forward with information.

Anna Dillon can be contacted at 82 Ballyarnett Road, Belmont on by phoning 71 418927 and Elizabeth Zammitt’s address is 12, Tosh Avenue, Brigade, telephone 71 219174.

Part of the reason behind the book is of course to raise funds to continue to pay for those wishing to travel to Lourdes.

The Derry Trust Fund is an independent group which is not affiliated to any parish and provide all the funding fir pilgrims.

Another aim of the group this year is to raise up to £60,000 in order to purchase a specially fitted mini-bus to allow those who cannot fly to the destination because of their illness to travel overland to Lourdes under medical supervision. The aim of this particular fundraising drive is to provide a vehicle capable of taking up to 16 people at a time. The group are asking for all those willing to donate to the cause to come forward and help with financial donations, particularly those in the Derry business community that feel they are in a position to help out.

Anna Dillion said: “Our Lady said ‘bring the sick’ to Lourdes. For many people their faith is their medicine and that is why we try to take sick and terminally ill people to Lourdes.”

The fundraising efforts of the Derry Trust Fund will in the coming weeks also be boosted by selling tickets for a draw to win a pilgrimage to Medjugorje for this October. Tickets will be sold by the organisations volunteers across the city soon at £1 per ticket or at £5 for a book of six.

Anna and Elizabeth also said the Derry Trust Fund whilst it has a number of volunteer drivers and nurses willing to help with the pilgrimages they are always in need of extra help and that anyone willing to come forward can contact them at the addresses given above.