Derry woman says riots in London were ‘surreal’

Rioting and looting in a series of English cities this week have left residents there shocked and appalled by the damage caused.

Derry woman Sharon McLeod lives just five minutes from Clapham Junction in London, an area which saw armoured vehicles deployed to tackle the rioters.

Speaking to the Journal about the situation, she said: “When I heard rumours that the rioters were set to strike Clapham Junction I just couldn’t believe it. When hearing about the events of the previous nights in areas such as Tottenham and Hackney I had never even considered that it would happen so close to my home.

“Never did I think that they would start looting just five minutes from my front door.

“Thankfully, my house is tucked away down a residential street but to see an area I love, and have lived in for five years, being trashed live on television while sitting only a few minutes away was horrendous to watch - and completely surreal.”

Sharon explains that she chose to live in Clapham Junction because it was a “good area” and somewhere she felt comfortable living.

“Clapham Junction is a lovely place to live, I am simply devastated that rioters have left the area ruined .

“On Tuesday morning people were milling about in complete disbelief and while there was a tense atmosphere there was also a sense of community as people came out to help clear up.

“I don’t know how long it will take for it to return to ‘normal’. All the shops have been boarded up and the majority of restaurants and bars are closed. It feels different.

“Things have settled down in recent nights and hopefully it will stay that way. There’s nothing left for them to loot anyway.”