Derry woman wins ally in sleaze battle

Senator Mary Kate King. (2303MM27)
Senator Mary Kate King. (2303MM27)

A powerful group which campaigns against corruption in politics has given its backing to Derry woman Mary Kate King, who is battling allegation of corruption in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mrs King, a sister of wel-l known Derry civil rights campaigner Fionnbarra o Dochartaigh, is a former senator and member of the cabinet in the Carribbean islands.

She was removed from her position last year amid allegation of political corruption.

Following an investigation into the allegations, the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) has released a report backing the Derry woman.

Mrs King has been a member of the body for many years and is currently the secretary of the board.

Chief Executive of GOPAC, John Williams, said; “From the perspective of GOPAC, Ms King was acting in what she believed to be the best interest of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

“GOPAC fully supports Ms. King and will be retaining her as a Member of the Executive and the Secretary of our Board of Directors.”

“The fight against corruption is an ongoing battle in Trinidad and all around the world, and we are glad Ms.King will continue to be an advocate against corruption in Trinidad and Tobago,” concluded Mr. Williams.