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Providing the best in local news has seen the Derry Journal this week pass the 5000 followers mark on Twitter.

Scottish big band singer Iain Ewing, no stranger to Derry after making three appearances mat the city’s Jazz festival, was the 5000th person to follow us on the microblogging site when he signed up on Wednesday afternoon.

Twitter allows us to give you up to the minute instant access to what’s happening in the north west.

Since 2009 we’ve been using both Twitter and Facebook to provide updates as and when news happens.

Social media allows us to interact with readers in a way our traditional print platform never afforded - it’s even let us enjoy the odd bit of banter and joke with our online readers.

Twitter users can follow us @derryjournal, or you can follow our reporters who use the site.

Meanwhile, check out Beauty and the Beast Derry style on derryjournal.com - more details, and a quick and easy to use qr code for mobile devices are on page 19.

And for the record, here’s the stories that have been most read online over the last seven days.

1. Eamonn MCann - Time to abolish Arthur’s Day

2. Man with no legs fined

3. Nightclub planned for St Columb’s Hall


5. Dunnes employee accused of £7K theft