Dessie out to help raise awareness on mental health and help Praxis care

Dessie Hutton with one of the posters promoting his Charity Night in aid of Praxis Care which will take place on Friday, May 22. DER1515MC039
Dessie Hutton with one of the posters promoting his Charity Night in aid of Praxis Care which will take place on Friday, May 22. DER1515MC039

Dessie Hutton is no stranger to what it is like to live with depression.

Dessie (25) suffers from depression and anxiety but three years ago he went to his doctor to ask for help.

“I’d reached rock bottom - I didn’t know where to turn. After visiting my doctor he put me in contact with Praxis Care,” revealed Dessie.

“It’s been tough but the last three years have been amazing because Praxis Care has helped me to get my life back and I am now able live and look after myself.

“If someone had have said to me three years ago that in April 2015 I would be doing an interview with a journalist from the Derry Journal I would have thought they were mad.”

He added: “Not only has Praxis Care helped me to get my life back on track but they have helped me to improve my confidence.”

In a bid to give something back to Praxis Care, Dessie has taken it upon himself to take part in a charity parachute jump.

“I am not one bit nervous about it. To be honest with you I can’t wait and the day I get to do it couldn’t come quick enough.”

Dessie will take part in the charity parachute jump on August 7 and has set himself a target of how much money he would like to raise.

“The actual jump costs £260 so anything over and above that will be going straight to Praxis Care here in Derry. I hope to raise around about £1,000,” he said.

Aside from raising funds for an organisation which helped him in the past, Dessie said one of the other reasons he decided he wanted to do something was to help raise awareness of mental health in Derry.

“It’s no secret that I have depression and I don’t really have a problem talking about it but that’s what we need more of - people to talk about their condition.

“Depression is still a taboo subject here in Derry. People think that if you’re young and look healthy then there can be nothing wrong with you but I know that that’s anything but the truth.

“Some people might look like they are healthy on the outside but on the inside they are anything but that. I think if people can start to change the way they think about and how they see mental health then things might start to improve.”

Derek Friars has worked as a support worker for Praxis Care for almost seven years and he praised Dessie for his selflessness.

“I have worked with Dessie over the years and he’s a great fella. I think it’s great what he is doing and I have every belief in him that it will be a success,” said Derek.

Dessie will be holding a special DJ night in Lift Nightclub on the Strand Road on Friday May 22 2015.

There will be a special raffle on the night with some excellent prizes. It costs £5 from 9pm to 10pm but £8 thereafter.

Anyone interested in attending or donating a prize to the raffle can get in contact with Dessie by calling Praxis Care on 02871 372 181