Destined to celebrate World Kindness Day

Dermot O'Hara. (DER4313PG182)
Dermot O'Hara. (DER4313PG182)

Destined, the local learning disability charity and Body Mind Soul Events Ireland have joined together to promote the Kindness Card.

The card is designed to encourage people to perform a random act of kindness to either a friend or, preferably a stranger.

World Kindness Day takes place on Thursday November 13.

Destined has been fighting for equality and better services for adults with learning disabilities in Derry for over a decade.

Dermot O’Hara from Destined encouraged as many people as possible to call into the Destined offices on Great James Street to collect a free kindness card.

“Kindness is universally appreciated and each and every time you perform a random act of kindness, you give the person a Kindness Card. Hopefully this will encourage others to perform another random act of kindness.

“An act of kindness can be offering a nice word or comment to someone using all of those lovely, ‘soft’ words that are in our vocabulary, words such as caring, thoughtful, loving, sympathetic, gentle, considerate, warm, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, friendly, tender, unselfish, generous, helpful, supporting or nurturing.”

He added: “I hope plenty of people get involved because it’s really worthwhile. I doubt I’ll be receiving any cards but sometimes you just never can tell,” joked Dermot.

If you would like to obtain a free World Kindness Day card drop into Destined on Great James Street.