Did not have tachograph completed

A Buncrana driver who did not have his taco graph completed has been fined.

Roger Doherty, Urrismana, appeared at Buncrana District Court following the detection on 26th November, 2012.

RSA Inspector Mr. Lynch told the court he was operating a checkpoint in conjunction with An Garda Siochana, when he stopped an articulated frozen food lorry being driven by Doherty.

He sought the tachograph for the vehicle and noted it had not been filled it properly.

Defence solicitor Mr Frank Dorrian said Doherty also told the inspector that he had filled in another card, but could not find it in the cab of his vehicle.

He said there had been a checkpoint in Buncrana earlier that day and he had driven through that with the uncompleted taco graph card in place.

Mr Dorrian said that when Doherty was asked to produce records from the previous 28 days, all was “in order.”

He added that Doherty had driven to mainland Europe, through England and Wales and back to Dublin, taking the required rest periods and getting another driver to drive the lorry to Rosslar.

He added Doherty has been driving for many years, takes the regulations “very seriously” and had never been questioned over his procedures.

Judge Kelly said he would “take it as a one-off” and fined Doherty 150 euro.