Diggers move in to begin demolition at St Peter’s

Sinn F�in councillor Kevin Campbell at the former St Peter's School building. (2802MM14)
Sinn F�in councillor Kevin Campbell at the former St Peter's School building. (2802MM14)
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Creggan Sinn Féin councillor Kevin Campbell says the demolition of the former St. Peter’s school building in the estate offers an opportunity for new development.

Colr. Campbell made the comment after visiting the site as diggers began demolishing the former school building, which closed last year.

The former school had been a target for vandals who started a number of fires in the building which promoted fears about the safety of the site, leading to calls for it to be demolished.

Speaking to the Journal Colr. Campbell, who had been to the forefront of the campaign to see the demolition and clearing of the site, said: “People will be glad to see the old buildings coming down well in advance of the summer holidays.

“It has been a long process and a lot of agencies have been involved in getting to this stage.

“I would like to thank everyone involved in bringing this about.”

The former mayor also said that now that demolition has begun it is time to start planning for the future use of the site.

“What we need to do now is plan for the future. This is a huge site and offers new beginnings for the people of Creggan.” he said.

Colr. Campbell said it is vitally important to respond to the wishes of the local community when planning for the future.

“There is a massive demand for new housing and associated community facilities .It’s important that we get this right from the outset and a public consultation should now take place so we get the views and opinions of the Creggan community.”