Digital Derry meet community groups

Sinn Féin councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed a meeting between Digital Derry and representatives from community based training organisations.

The meeting, which was convened by Colr. Cooper, was designed to ensure improved communication between Digital Derry and the community sector.

“I organised this meeting between ‘Digital Derry’ and training representatives from the community sector to ensure that programmes and proposals could be developed to build capacity within those areas of the city which are to be targeted through the regeneration plan.

“One of the key aims of the plan is to develop the digital economy.

From the perspective of Sinn Féin it is vital that the opportunities of employment within this sector are not confined to a select number of people within the city but that residents of community areas are targeted for involvement as well,” he said.

Colr. Cooper said a series of engagements will follow on from the meeting.

“As a result of the meeting the ‘Digital Derry’ project officer, who has particular expertise in assisting people to develop their own I.T. based ideas into viable businesses, will develop proposals for a social economy digital project,” he said.